Who is Steve Hart?

Why did he build this


Back in the 60’s when I was a young boy, I wanted to learn magic but my funds and my resources were limited. So I would buy magic tricks from ads found in the back pages of comic books and magazines. They were within my price range. Most of them were simple but this gave me the insight and the experience I needed to pursue my interest in magic.


It started out as a hobby but it did not take long before I was performing magic shows and getting paid. That was over 50 years ago when I began my professional career a magician.

Every professional magician had their start with the purchase of the simple tricks just like the ones found on this Website.

My research, resources and purchasing power have given me the ability to build this Website for you. With my background, experience and knowledge, I was able to carefully select this collection and make them available to you. I have sought out the most unique magical items and make them available at a price you can afford. Some of these items were the same ones I bought back in the 60’s, others are new items or adaptations of the old ideas to make them appealing and interesting for everyone’s enjoyment today.

In the late 80’s I teamed up with Roscoe Rabbit and I opened my first magic shop. Since then I owned and operated four more shops. At one time I had 22 employees working in my shops. Today it is just Roscoe, Topper, and I running this Website and shipping out your orders.

Shop around the Website. Be sure to watch the demonstration videos. Pick out a few items and place your order and I will mail them out to you and send you a tracking number.

You will get a FREE surprise gift with every order.

You are going to have so much FUN when you get your order in the mail.




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