Magic Finger Chopper

When I was a young magician I could not afford a big guillotine but I was able to purchase a Finger Chopper. It was not until many years later I used a 6 foot guillotine in my show.  It was impressive to look at but I will say the reaction I got from the audience […]

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Spring Flowers

Back when I was young magician, I could not afford to buy the expensive feathered flowers, not until many years later. So would you buy the Spring Flowers? You can use them over and over again. They pack small and play big. They are very colorful and people enjoy their beauty. You can use them

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April Fools’ Day

I am not one who normally plays joke on someone, especially on April Fools’ Day. I prefer to make it fun by entertaining everyone with a magic trick. A great opportunity to ask people if they want to see a magic trick. I do sell on DollarStoreMagicTricks one joke like item, the famous Snake Eggs. 

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Magic with Trick Coins

Karrell Fox use to tell a joke about his wife using the money she found on his dresser to pay the news paper boy. As she is describing the coins she found, he realizes they were his trick coins. Ouch! That was costly. How many of you have carried around trick coins and accidently spent

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Magic and Novelties

It was common to see Jokes and Novelties sold in the same stores as Magic Tricks. In the in the ads novelties were mixed in with the magic tricks. I always enjoyed looking and sometime buying novelties.  Sometimes I mixed them in with my magic. It adds diversity and humor to my show. When I

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Gitchy Gitchy Goo

When you tickle someone, is that torture or it enjoyable?  Often when you tickle someone under their chin, they will pull away. But with the Finger Trap you can control them into laughter. Tell them to put their pointer finger from each hand into the ends of the trap until they touch each other. If

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Snake Eggs – A Classic Joke

I decided to add the famous Rattlesnake Eggs to my Website. It is not really a magic trick but I give you a couple of idea how you can use it with your magic tricks. Including the “ghost hank”. That video is in the DollarStoreMagicTricks video library, available to anyone who has purchased from the

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It was 1963

In November of 1963 a magician came and performed live show at my school in the middle of the cornfields of Indiana. That is all it took to get me started as a student of magic. For Christmas that year my parents bought me a magic kit. I made a poster for myself using the

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